About Us

It was in a catholic charismatic prayer group that we were first introduced to the Lord Jesus. It turned out to be a very important beginning for us, because it was based on love alone!

Who you were, what you were, what you did or didn’t do had no bearing on your acceptance. We learned very early in our experience – Jesus loved us and He loved the world as well!

A few years after that we attended bible college in Florence, SC where we moved to the next place of our personal lives. Disciples is what we became, students of His word, His ways, and His ministries. It was six years later that we pioneered the church in Worcester, MA, which turned out to be the next phase of our development. Though difficult at times, the process was priceless!

We learned in each phase of our experience to love Him, love His people, love His world and love His ways. I would like to say that we never failed, but it would not be truthful. We had many failures, but through them all we’ve passed the test.

We now come to this day of building, restoring, recovering, redirecting, and reassuring, but most of all desiring to reveal Him to a church and a world in desperate need of once again beholding him!

– Dr. Jay & Linda Leroux