Spiritual Significance: ABRAHAM

The life of Abraham is one of the most unique stories in the entire Bible! He was called out of his home country at 75 years old by a God he does not yet know. He is still unknown to humanity!

Abraham will now be the human representative of this God, who now calls Himself the God of Abraham! This God will make absolute incredible promise that will seem impossible to perform, even when it is humanly impossible for Abraham at 100 years old!!

This journey of Abraham’s will be an adventure with challenges to believe what his God has said is true, trusting Him to be his guide, protector and promise keeper! The life of Abraham is not just isolated to him, but it is a lesson for all of us who believe in this awesome God and His ability to not just keep His word, but to fulfill all that He has promised!

Spiritual Significance: Abraham is written for the novice and the mature, it will speak to everyone of us who have taken the journey to know our God, represent Him in the earth and to see His promises fulfilled!!